Trophies, 2022–ongoing

I am a tourist with a camera. The act of tourist photography can be likened to trophy-hunting. Photographs are hunted down and shot—becoming tokens of an event, a place, an experience. What matters most is the image, less so the moment. Trophies plays with the notion of photograph as trophy—an imitation, a construction, an abstraction of reality; a souvenir to put on your wall. 

2024, Prospects, Art Rotterdam, Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam, NL

Left to right
2023, analogue c-print (photograph with darkroom intervention), 127 x 105 cm
2023, hybrid process c-print (digital phone photograph with analogue print production and darkroom intervention), 127 x 102.5 cm
2022, analogue c-print (photograph), 127 x 92 cm
2023, analogue c-print (photograph with darkroom intervention), 127 x 105 cm

Exhibition view — Prospects 2024, Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam, Netherlands