PanomaniA, 2021

PanomaniA explores how filters (whether culturally constructed, political or optical) frame and distort our experience of reality and Nature, in the same way that photography and other contemporary technologies do. 

Printed in an analogue colour darkroom from a mobile phone screen (instead of a film negative) PanomaniA speaks in the language of phone snapshots and Instagram filters, combining the instant gratification of digital phone snapshots with the slow time of photographic darkroom practices.

2022, This Art Fair, de Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2021, If it Fools You, it is Not Fake, Tetem, Enschede, Netherlands

Hybrid process c-prints (digital image with analogue print production and darkroom intervention), 91 x 77 cm each

Photo: Almichael Fraay
Exhibition view — This Art Fair, 2022, de Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Exhibition view — If it Fools You, it is not Fake, 2021
Tetem, Enschede, Netherlands

Print detail

Accompanying video work and still — video loop, dichroic film, coloured filters, electronic tablet