Colour Studies, 2018

The bulk of Colour Studies was produced during an artist resideny at Kalamari Klub—a community darkroom and collective based in Heidelberg, Germany. These works are the culmination of a period of practice-based research and reflect my interest in the materiality of the photographic medium, the physical properties of light and analogue photomedia processes. Experimenting with various alternative techniques I was interested in exploring how colour, abstraction and other non-traditional interventions can shape and challenge the way we respond to an image.

2019, Colour Studies, Brownian Motion Art Space, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Exhibition view — Colour Studies, 2019, Brownian Motion Art Space, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Analogue c-prints (photograms, luminograms), 15 x 10 cm each, unique

Analogue c-prints (prints from cameraless negative), 25 x 20 cm each