As a photomedia artist I work with media and processes defined primarily by their interaction with light, as opposed to the exclusive use of the camera. Employing a range of camera-based and cameraless methods my practice takes the form of photographic prints, cameraless or hybrid works on paper, moving image works and other light-based interventions. Themes such as the tourist gaze, Nature and notions of photographic time are the focus of my work.

The colour darkroom, in particular, is a core site of my practice. It’s a space in which I make, rather than take a photograph; pushing the boundaries of the photographic by undertaking conceptual and technical approaches which diverge from the photographic snapshot.

At the heart of my artistic research is an interest in probing (expanding, challenging, unveiling, disrupting, revealing) the construction of the photographic image—both the performative aspect of taking photographs, as well as the process of making (including optics, apparatus and technique). 

I am an Australian-born artist living in The Netherlands.

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