PanomaniA, 2021

c-prints (hybrid digital/analogue process), 90 x 76 cm, video, colour filters

Panomania consists of a triptych of abstract large format photographic prints—produced in the analogue darkroom from an iPhone screen—which, when viewed through a tinted filter, reveals a "sublime" panoramic landscape. Accompanied by two video works that scan a natural landscape, which disappear when viewed through handheld coloured filters.

Much of our experience of the Natural world is mediated through the performative acts of tourism and (phone) photography. PanomaniA uses the language of phone snapshots and Instagram filters to explore how the act of photography (and its expanded practices) mediates our experience of the Natural landscape, and how filters (whether culturally constructed, political or optical) distort our experience of reality.

Exhibited as part of If it fools you, it is not fake, Tetem, Enschede as part of Fotomanifestatie Enschede, November 2021.