Commute I, 2019

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scans from negative
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Taken during my regular train journey between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Commute I is a body of work exploring notions of journey, non-place* and the liminal spaces between origin and destination. These works consist of a number of overlapping (long) exposures taken from the train looking out to the rapidly passing view. By hacking the film advance mechanism within the camera I am able to partially advance the film, thereby allowing normally distinct frames to intersect, resulting in abstract images in which multiple places and moments merge.

*Non-place is a term coined by Marc Augé in his book Non-Places: An Introduction to an Anthology of Super Modernity (2009). Here non-places are defined as places we pass through, usually on the way to our destination; spaces that are devoid of emotional attachment or meaningful connections. Examples of non-places include airports, motorways, shopping complexes, hotels and trains.

Commute I